"Lunar Electric will shatter most preconceived notions of what “indie” music is supposed to be, and that is what makes this band so engaging. Guitarist and leader Dre DiMura is a rock god from another time and perhaps another dimension. The riffs on this four song EP are monstrous and easily mesh the bombast of T Rex and Zep with subtle psychedelics into a whirling, moody voyage."


Jersey Beat

The Big Takeover

"Where today’s rock has become so plastic, manufactured and corporate that it’s nearly impossible to tell one band from another, Lunar Electric break from the mold by putting the music at the forefront. Crank them up and feel the energy."

"Guitarist Dre DiMura serves as the Keith to Greeley’s Mick, holding a wide stance as he sneers into the crowd. Dre’s a fucking rockstar and I’m not entirely convinced he’s actually human. As I watched Black Stars tear through their set, all I could think was, ‘I want to go to all of your shows, I want to follow you everywhere.’"


Wendy McCardle
[Swollen Fox]

Don Jamieson
[VH1's That Metal Show]

"Terrific, It makes me happy to hear something so well done, original, and creative - but with a real old school type of vibe."

That Music Mag

"DiMura’s fingers are raw and unapologetic as his chord progressions course through the audience like lightning."

"The Clash infused with unpolished 80’s brat punk that trekked through the 60’s while flirting with bell-bottomed psychedelics and heavy rock n’ roll jives."

JERK Magazine

"Between the percussive clashing and lead singer Justin Pellecchia’s sixties psych-rock vocals, Satellite Hearts are what I imagine A Lou Reed-fronted Steppenwolf would sound like."


Toronto Music Scene

"This quartet plays unabashed, unfiltered and to-the-roots rock ‘n’ roll, equipped with attitude and Marshall stacks. Drawing influence from a plethora of hit-makers and smack-takers, these raucous Americans promise to bring the party North of the border."